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National Cyber Olympiad(NCO)


The actual test paper has 50 questions. Time allowed : 60 minutes. There are 3 sections: 10 questions in section I, 10 in section II and 30 in section III.

Section – I (Mental Ability) : Regional and Roman Numerals, Numbers up to one Lakh, Multiples and Factors, Fractions and Decimals, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Estimation, Geometrical Shapes,  Measurement, Time, Money, Perimeter, Area, Angles, Pictorial Representation of Data, Prime and Composite Numbers, HCF and LCM.

Section – II (Logical and Analytical Reasoning) : Problems Based on Figures, Odd One Out, Series Completion, Coding-Decoding, Mathematical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Mirror Images, Embedded Figures.

Section – III (Computers and IT) : Input and Output Devices, Hardware, Software, Storage Devices, Memory – Primary & Secondary Memory, MS-Paint, MS-Word, Introduction to MS-PowerPoint, Introduction to Multimedia, Internet, Computer Networks, Using Windows, Latest Developments in the field of IT.